Playa Naranjo

Experience the best of the Gulf of Nicoya at Playa Naranjo

Discover the magic of the Gulf of Nicoya while staying in Playa Naranjo. Here you can enjoy the sun and sea in a relaxing atmosphere, explore nearby attractions, practice water sports such as kayaking and paddleboarding in the calm waters of the Gulf of Nicoya, and of course, taste the delicious cuisine of the Pacific of Costa Rica.

Prime Location

Playa Naranjo is located in the province of Puntarenas, amidst one of the privileged blue zones in the Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica.

It has a privileged location due to its proximity to San José, only 2 and a half hours away taking the ferry from Puntarenas.

It is also close to Guanacaste. If you’re heading to Santa Teresa, you can save time by taking the Playa Naranjo Ferry and enjoy a total rest at Hotel OPacifico or at the La Cangreja Restaurant, which are 600 meters from the dock to return to San José.

Due to its perfect location by staying in Playa Naranjo in the Gulf of Nicoya, you can enjoy different experiences, water sports, gastronomy, and have an excellent location for tours and expeditions both at sea and in the mountains.

What to Do in Playa Naranjo?

Practice Paddle Boarding in the Gulf of Nicoya

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Paddle boarding in the Gulf of Nicoya is an experience you shouldn't miss when visiting Playa Naranjo. This activity will allow you to enjoy a unique view of the coastal landscape while testing your balance and strength. Paddle boarding, also known as stand-up paddle surfing, is a water activity that involves standing on a long board and using a paddle to move through the water. The Gulf of Nicoya, with its calm and clear waters, is the ideal place to practice this activity.

Learn Traditional Yoyo Fishing

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Traditional fishing is one of the most authentic activities you can do in Playa Naranjo. Here, local fishermen will teach you how to use the "yoyo," a traditional Costa Rican fishing technique. Yoyo fishing is an ancient fishing technique that involves winding a fishing line around a reel or "yoyo." This type of fishing is usually done from the shore or from small boats. Yoyo fishing will allow you to appreciate the skill and patience of local fishermen while enjoying the natural beauty of Playa Naranjo.

Bird Watching Tour

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Due to its location and abundant vegetation surrounding Playa Naranjo, here you can see many birds of different species that visit the beach and the hotel and enjoy their colors, beauty, and fill yourself with the overflowing peace that flying brings. You can also hire a special tour to identify all the species that visit Playa Naranjo.

Bioluminescence in the Gulf of Nicoya

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If you've never heard this term before, let us explain. Bioluminescence is one of the most spectacular phenomena that occur on the Pacific beaches of Costa Rica. It is the production of light by certain organisms through a transformation of chemical energy into light and is observed in insects and fungi, but also in bodies of water, generally in marine ecosystems.

Explore San Lucas Island

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From Playa Naranjo, it is very close to go to different islands in the Gulf of Nicoya, and by taking a tour, you can discover San Lucas Island, where once there was a prison for those considered "undesirable" and the most violent criminals in the country. Now, the island is a place full of history and mystery to explore, where you can learn about the inhuman conditions and torture faced by prisoners, in addition to seeing how nature reclaims its space and taking advantage of the place to take some iconic photos.

Other nearby attractions

Karen Mogensen Reserve
A spectacular reserve 50 minutes away by car (35 km). See more
Dead Beach
Beautiful beach with crystal clear water, you can visit it 50 minutes by car (35Km). See more
Cocalito waterfall
Beautiful beach with a waterfall that falls on the shore, the trip from the hotel is 1 hour by car (49Km). See more
White beach
Just 10 minutes from the hotel you will find Playa Blanca, a beautiful and quiet beach. See more

How to get to Playa Naranjo?

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Option #1 By the Playa Naranjo Ferry:

From San José, take Highway 27 San José to Puntarenas, looking for the port where the Ferry to Playa Naranjo leaves, the ferry lasts approximately 1 hour and this route will allow you to admire the different islands of the Gulf of Nicoya.
Once you arrive at the Ferry dock in Playa Naranjo, 600 meters away will be the OPacífico Boutique Hotel and the La Cangreja Restaurant, where you can enjoy Playa Naranjo.
Duration of the tour: 2 hours. 30 min.

Option #2 by road from Guanacaste:

You take Highway 27 towards the Inter-American entrance.
North Inter-American Highway at the Tempisque crossing. Then go along Route 21 to OPacífico Hotel
Duration: 3h. 30 min.n.